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Big Dogs 

The Big Dog, we believe that Big Dogs are the most wonderful dogs in the world. Raising a Big Dog from a puppy can be a most pleasing experience. NEVERTHELESS, they can be dangerous if not raised the correct way. If you want a good dog and house-watcher read on; if you want a vicious beast that you will have no control over, please do not pick a big dog as you may have some regrets. You must have any dog with the same enthusiasm as you would your own child; give it love and care, with responsibility, and it will repay you ten-fold. In fact there is not a lot of difference in bringing up a young dog as there is to bringing up a human child. Both species can learn to be responsible members of society, if encouraged in the right directions. 

Please read this document for male and female, even though his is used more.

Whilst theses pages have been written with the Rottweiler in mind  it could actually be applied to any type of dog, and of course, whilst not forgetting the obvious differences, any new member of your own family.  Although there are obvious differences here between each animal, young domestic dogs and any other young creature are basically all the same.

If you go back say 100,000 years, it would not be hard to realize that all domestic dogs come from one genetic source. Go back 10,000,000 years and it would be hard to realize that possibly many species on Earth today share or have shared similar DNA.

You might like to note that humans share 99% of their DNA with some chimpanzees. And if you would wish to note further, humans share 40% of their DNA with the humble . . . . . . . . . banana.          Don't look at me!!!  I love bananas. 

We share 74% of our DNA with the Dog.



Big Dogs


Romulus and Remus - The Roman Twins



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The Domestic Dog, it is said has been with us for over 100,000 years. The dog you see today in over 700 different breeds is a pole apart from the first dog that came out of the woods and befriended Man. It seems most uncharacteristic that the wolf-like creature that was the original dog has been bred-out to produce canines such as the Poodle, Great Dane and Pekinese. Some have even ventured to say that all domestic dogs may have sprung from just one pregnant female; one that may have limped injured, and showing servility, into some village to be kept and nurtured, to begin with, for possibly some amusement for the villagers, although for the female dog, it might have been for survival.

This is notwithstanding the fact that recent archaeological studies have shown that about 100,000 years ago, when the dog first appeared to be living with the Homo Sapiens, another man-like creature, the Neanderthal, began to disappear mainly through general gradual extinction and obiter breeding with Homo Sapiens. Nevertheless, significantly or not, dogs did not adopt the ginger-headed Neanderthals. Maybe they were not given the chance; perhaps they were waived away as we would now do to a swarm of bees. Uniquely however, Homo Sapiens had the ability of some speech and communicated primitively this way.

Whilst the Neanderthal also had the ability for speech, unlike say today's chimpanzee, they were unable to use this properly because of a badly developed jaw construction. Therefore, it is a presumption that the Homo Sapiens along with some liking for the dog, plus an ability to communicate with speech and body language, New Man and the Canine became friends. 

As there were probably other animals in the surrounding woods,  Man at first must have just tolerated the intrusion. Later they found that they could use the dogs as an early warning system and as valuable guards against attacking marauders, such as the Neanderthals, or even other more ferocious predators such as large cats, or bears. They were also obviously developed into companions of sorts, baby-sitters even and of course food. The dogs first came to scavenge and were either greeted openly, suspiciously or chased off.  When both parties  reached some amiable point of toleration, the dog began its domestication. However, these wolf-like creatures were wild animals and in the early days, it must have been clearly a love-hate relationship.

This strange, almost rare affiliation, has developed into what it is today, purely because of Man's ultimate dominance over the dog. When a dog showed any hostility or disdain the dominant Homo Sapiens would just kill it and eat it. Those dogs that were friendly and servile, as any dogs are in presence of their Alpha leader, were doled out toleration, and this situation was unknowingly cultivated.

This 'program' was exploited more so in puppies; any puppy showing any hostility would get the chop, and that was not a pork-chop. However, naturally any wide-eyed pretty-little thing that could amuse, lick, play and comfort Man's primitive ideals would be allowed to flourish and given permission to feed off the scraps that Man left for it, purely because it pleased early Man to do so. This is perhaps why the young are so appealing; bred to appease our aesthetics, allowing the cute and gentle to remain, and plain and the aggressive to become the cuisine of a long ago era.

A similar more contemporary program has recently taken place in Germany. A large pack of African Wild Dogs was captured and attempts were made to single out the overly aggressive ones and have them removed. Others that showed some sign of servility or potential kin to the humans were encouraged to be so. And so forth with their offspring, aggression was separated out and approved consideration was advanced. Eventually, the hostile traits of the Wild Dog were eventually dispersed, and it might be hard to appreciate that they were nothing but just pets, and not a wild animal.

Over the centuries, different sections of the domesticated dog society evolved into different sizes and shapes, to suit the environment that they were in, whether it was purposely created by Humanity or not.

This parallel affinity is now almost embedded in our genes, the relationship with Man and Dog is primeval. This fact is compounded by the fact that by far, any recorded feral children, or children totally abandoned by their parents, that have emerged in the news, have been otherwise raised by dogs. 

Romulus and Remus - The Roman Twins

It is said that Romulus and Remus were raised by wolves. And in the wild, almost all cases of abandoned children, have been subsequently adopted and raised by dogs. We might consider that any child not embraced by the canine simply perished or was eaten by a less  informed animal. This might prove there to be some bond, that goes further that the maxim that the dog is our best friend. However, sadly in humans there is only a small window of opportunity that allows us to turn out like our peers. If a baby is raised in a feral environment it will take on the instincts and characteristics of the animal that is raising it. When the child gets older than 5-7years, it is so much harder, if not impossible, to then turn or revert that child back to being 'human'. The mechanics in the brain that permit our understanding of Grammar and syntax, does not develop and is lost forever. Needless to say, this does not diminish our historical bond with the dog, it just proves how close these two species have evolved together.

Therefore, whether the Canine was instrumental in changing history by helping the accelerated ultimate decline of the Neanderthal 30,000 years ago, nobody will ever really know. Nevertheless, today the dog now out numbers its early masters by over a thousand times, such is its adaptation to domestication, such is its akin to us. Perhaps the moral of this wagging tale is that you should always be kind to one that might seemingly be inferior to you, as one day the tables may be turned.

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 Rottweiler Dog Site

Picking your dog is best after you have seen the parents. If they are willing to allow you to look and touch their off-spring without too much hesitancy there is every chance that your dog can be brought up with the same trust in humans.

Remember though , it is perhaps best not to look on any big dog, like the  Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Mastiff and any other large dog, as a pet. A pet is something like a hamster, gerbil or a parrot. You would never look upon a Pit-Bull as a pet, as this animal does not act or respond the same as a hamster does.

Many would not agree with this opinion, but if you keep this sentiment in mind you will have the right attitude in keeping any large dog under correct control. A dog like an Alsatian or Rottweiler is and wants to be a working dog. He will not respond to a relationship where he is just a pet. 

The person who treats a large dog with:

" Now come on sweetie, let go of that man's leg, that's a good boy!!!"

Is in the company of a time bomb and should not be allowed to own such a 'pet'. Any person who would enter someone else's home as an intruder, will find that the large dog will hopefully defend the home to the death, but this does depend on the breed and the upbringing. If a person who is a 'friend', and who has been introduced into the home, will find if they are properly introduced, the grown dog will tolerate them and they will find that they are quite friendly. But they should not consider that he is their friend, he will tolerate an outsider but will rather be left alone. Once the 'friend' has been to the home many times, then the dog will  understand that this person is a friend and part of any sub-pack.

Read on and satisfy yourselves that you are cut out to own a dog that could weigh 150 pounds  



Rottweiler Dog Site      


    Large Dog    


Under normal circumstances you will have your dog as just a   

     6 – 10  week old  puppy.     

Raising any dog, whatever it becomes in life, it is your responsibility and of your making. It cannot be just a 'pet' but a good friend, one that will serve you faithfully and love you to the end, or it can become a liability. You must realize what you are taking on. A big dog cannot be whipped into easy submission, it will only truly react to love and care and proper firm, assertive handling, by a member of its 'pack' . The Alpha - You!      

Treat it as you would your own child and you will be a good and responsible owner and you will love your dog as much as any other member of the family. If you do have children, it is advised that they should ALL be at least twelve years old and they can then all grow up together and your dog will know his place within the family unit. 

Know now that a  dog is for life’;  a dog is not an animal that you can neglect by leaving it locked up or chained up, un-stimulated for many hours on end. Rated as intelligent as a five year old human, used by police and armed forces all around the globe, it is a sensitive being, able to ‘read’ you by your actions and tone of voice. If you know that you will have to leave any dog for long durations, do not buy this pet, as they cannot be switched off, they are living creatures with needs equal to any other being on Earth. 

Dogs are PACK ANIMALS, which means they run in groups; it is not part of their nature to be alone. Why not buy a small dog, keep it for a few months then buy the big dog you are looking for; they will grow up together, keep each other company.

Much of this philosophy can be applied to the bringing up of your own children also. A child must first be cared for, kept clean, kept warm, given comfort, food and drink and mostly, copious amounts of love and affection. A dog will crave love and attention, but you will not have a good relationship until you know your place in his life and he knows his place.

   People need leadership in their lives - Dogs are just the same.  



A recent project revealed that criminals or people with antisocial behaviour problems generally had LOWER amounts of serotonin in their brain. It was also noticed that a lot of these subjects were from broken homes or had been institutionalized at some stage. 'Normal' children who had a loving and close relationship from their home life had higher amounts of serotonin and a lower propensity to be of a criminal mind. So the more you love, hug and kiss your children the greater the probability that they will turn out OK. Ergo, in this case, the more you love and hug your dog in its first year will determine a lot about its life.


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